How To Choose the Best Wedding Entertainment Ireland Has To Offer

Do you have plans to wed the love of your life in the near future? Whether you are planning a wedding within the next few months or have decided you need years to plan your special day, you have a lot of excitement, happiness, and memory-making ahead of you.

Deciding to get married here on the beautiful Emerald Isle sure does come with plenty of great benefits. Whether you are a local or have decided to travel to Ireland for your wedding day, we are sure that it will be one to be remembered for the rest of your life.

Of course, if you want your wedding day to be eternally remembered for all the right reasons, rather than countless wrong reasons, it is vital that you give plenty of forethought to the big decisions that will make your day.

One of the major choices you need to make is that of your wedding entertainment. We know that the matters of dress, flowers, cakes, and guest list are, of course, all key players, however, if you get the entertainment wrong it is exactly this that people will remember years from now, rather than how amazing the bridal party looked!

Indeed, your choice of entertainment will be the making or breaking of whether your guests really enjoy your special day. If you get it right, your guests will dance the night away and talk about your amazing day for years to come. If you get it wrong the dance floor will be empty and you may even feel like your wedding day was a failure.

So when it comes to wedding entertainment, Ireland has to offer, how can you find something that is perfect for your day? Let’s find out.

Consider Your Guest List

One of the main factors that will determine which choice of entertainment you should opt for is your guest list. Take the time to consider who is going to be sharing your special day with you. Of course, weddings are notorious for having a wide range of ages and this is a great thing, however, not all weddings are one and the same. Take the time to think about which age category takes up the largest chunk of your guests. Next, consider the guests which are most important to you and take note of which age category they fit into. You may find that the two age categories you have in front of you are not the same!

Once you know your guest list you will find yourself in a much better position to compare the wedding entertainment Ireland has on offer and narrow it down to choices that would please most of your guests.

Try Before You Buy 

Once you know the type of entertain you have in mind it will be time to investigate what is on offer and come up with a short list of possibilities. However, we definitely do not expect you to make your final decision based only on what you have read or know about a particular entertainment choice. Instead, we recommend that you try before you by. What do we mean by this?

Most bands will be more than willing for you to come along to one of their gigs if they know that you are serious about the potential of hiring them for your wedding, They may invite you to call in to an upcoming wedding which they have been hired for (normally they will get the ‘ok’ from the bride and groom first) or they may have been hired for another occasion where you can come along and listen to how they perform.

Do not underestimate how useful this can be. A band can say that they are amazing and will make your wedding party the best thing ever, however, words mean very little when they cannot be delivered on. By attending an event where your entertainment potentials are playing you will be able to observe first-hand how engaging they are, how well people respond to them and ultimately whether they are right for your special day.

Choose a ‘Wedding’ Entertainment Band 

Let’s get one thing straight here, there is a difference between a great band and a great wedding band.

Bands which are experienced playing at weddings know all about what makes the day tick. They understand the general breakdown of the day and know exactly where they fit into it all. In addition, they understand all of those little announcements and stage comments that are vital to making the evening run smoothly and ensuring that the bride and groom are delighted with their entertainment choice.

While a band which has never played at a wedding before may be amazing at what they do, their lack of wedding knowledge may ultimately mean they do not provide the wedding entertainment which all of your guests are expecting; not exactly the best unique wedding entertainment Ireland has to offer!

Indeed, we know that you want your wedding day to be the most magical day of your entire life and trust us, we want exactly the same thing for you. Hopefully, this will be the only wedding day of your life and you want your marriage to get started on a great foot.

In fact, it’s not just yourselves that you are thinking of on your wedding day, you are passionate about your guests having a wonderful day, making amazing memories and putting your wedding up there with some of the best events they have ever attended.

Certainly, there are many elements to plan when it comes to organizing your wedding. However, in thinking about the bridal attire, the flowers, the cake, and the guest list, don’t forget that the choice of entertainment is going to play one of the lead roles, indeed it is one of the stars of the show!

Opt for an entertainment choice that is in line with your guest list and choose a band that has plenty of experience in weddings. In this way, you should be well on your way to finding some of the best wedding entertainment Ireland has to offer!