Top 6 Dublin Engagement Rings That You Should Know About

So, you are about to get engaged with your loved one and you are very excited about the day. But have you picked out the engagement ring yet? It is quite easy to get confused with so many designs and styles around. Every ring you see is attractive enough and you are left scratching your hair. So, here is a look at some of the most popular styles of Dublin engagement rings that you need to be aware of.

Before choosing the perfect engagement ring, it is essential to know the setting of the diamond or the respective stone that is related to the particular style. Given below is a complete guide to the best Dublin engagement rings that you should choose from:

·        The channel setting 

Starting with the most gorgeous engagement ring, the channel setting is a tried and tested version that has won many accolades simply because of its style and class. It has got that rare combination of having both small diamonds studded on either side of the big fat diamond that sits in the middle. This is one of the most secure ways to keep the diamonds intact because the smaller diamonds are bracketed together to make sure that they do not fall from their groove. This style of ring is so popular that they are also used in weddings in various countries other than Dublin. Depending on your budget, you can choose the base metal to be gold or platinum.

·        The Halo setting 

Another star-studded ring that will be a gem at your engagement ceremony; the halo setting has been approved by millions of women from all over the world. So, if you are somewhere in Dublin waiting to pick the right engagement ring for your beloved partner, you should give some serious thoughts to the halo setting rings. It has the diamonds or other gemstones in concentric circles. You will also get another variety where there is a large gemstone or diamond, and the other smaller stones form a square around it. Ideally, you should be looking to get the one that is designed in a concentric circle because it is prettier than the square format. The ones that have diamonds studded together around a big diamond will be the worth the money you spend on that ring.

·        The three-stone setting 

Whenever you are looking for an engagement ring, one of the things that you should look for is the versatility of the ring. This will make sure that the ring lasts for a long time. The three-stone setting is one of the versatile rings around. This will be the ideal ring for your engagement. It has the beauty of three stones, two of them will be in contrasting colours to the bigger stone. This gives an entirely new look to the ring. If you want to buy something that will be both unique in style and will also go easy on your pocket, then this ring will be perfect. Another great thing about this style is that you will get a lot of cuts for the diamond that will be the main stone on the ring. You can look from the various princess cuts and the brilliant cuts to help you choose the best.

·        The tension setting 

Probably, one of the most popular of all the Dublin engagement rings is the ones that have a tension setting. With a gigantic diamond suspended between two sides of the shank, the resulting style is one unique piece of engagement ring that looks fabulous on the finger of any woman. The exact dimensions of the diamond are achieved with the help of lasers. It takes a lot of effort from the jeweller to cut the tiny grooves on the sides of the shank so that the diamond can sit comfortably between them. The diamond or other gemstones will be held together by the sheer pressure of the shanks from the sides of the stone. You can also get the shanks custom-made. So, check a lot of designs before getting this style done because the variations are plenty and each one of the styles looks incredible.

·        The solitaire setting 

This is the most common of the Dublin engagement rings that you will find. It is a no-nonsense ring that does not play around with complicated intertwines of a number of gemstones. This setting has one single piece of diamond held together with metal claws. Do not worry, these claws are strong enough to hold the big diamond or gemstone in place for the entire lifetime. You will get a lot of different styles in this category with the ring itself coming in various different designs. It will be better to opt for the ones that have six metal claws to hold the diamond. This will be safer than the ones that have four claws.

·        The cathedral setting 

When it comes to classy engagement rings, no one can doubt the efficiency of the cathedral setting rings. These are like the most traditional engagement rings that look elegant and graceful. With matte-finish platinum or gold along with a colourful gemstone or diamond to complement the metal, this ring will be appreciated by most women. It will be the perfect choice if you have a tight budget but want to maintain the class and elegance of an engagement ring. The attractive design is one of the reasons why this style is one of the most popular ones around. It is easy to clean, there are various designs available where the height of the stone can vary, and you will get a lot of gemstones that look amazing on it.

It is true that finding the perfect engagement ring is a daunting task. But when you have a guide that will help to choose which one will be best for your pocket and please your partner at the same time, the decision becomes much easier. So, follow this quick guide to pick the most amazing engagement ring that will make your wedding even more special.